Lydia generation Academy offers destiny actualizing programs An. that help individuals unblocked their inner biases, get clarity about their identity, personal leadership, their redemptive rights, and practical skills that financial independence requires. These trainings will empower and equip you to become a Lydian that will make a difference, impact humanity and advance the kingdom of God on earth.


Life Enrichment Courses

Today many people are afraid to become a christian, especially the millennials because they see church as a place where…

Personal Development Courses

Have you taken time to watch most people over some years, you’ll observe a very insignificant change in their development and behaviour.

Kingdom Entrepreneur Courses

Visualise how colourful your life would be if – you accept the fact that God designed you to be a successful entrepreneur. What would be…

Transformational Events and Workshops

We believe the power of transformation is in engaging the word of life and successful thought in leaders’ timeless principles, that result in living abundant and joyful life principles. 

Come and learn the principles, practice and habits to live in the reality of a successful life.

Kingdom Entrepreneurs Training (Virtual and Live)

One of our major pillars is entrepreneurial, as we believe in financial independence. 

An entrepreneur doesn’t just adapt to an environment – they CREATE the environment. They don’t just duplicate others’ lives, or try to be someone else, they create new values,  services and wisdom. We train you to become a creator and determine your income by yourself.

Life Enrichment Training (Virtual and Live)

We Equip individuals with enlightening courses that lead to purpose fulfilment and draw the heart closer to  spiritual realities and practices.

Personal Development and Equipping for Individuals and Organizations

The key to advancement and fulfilment in life is self-actualization. We take you through the life pathway from self- discovery to charting your course and path in life.

One-On-One Prophetic Life Purpose Coaching and Consultation

We engage in prophetic life coaching that helps the person to identify their core values (what’s really important to them) which enables them to make wiser choices and ultimately create a more effective, balanced and fulfilling life. 

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs  face different challenges in their business  endeavours  that may almost want to make them give up. We organise special seminars and spiritual warfare prayer to help them get equipped, prepared and victorious in their business management and advancement.