Adenike - Alade

Adenike – Alade is a growth and success coach.

She is a passionate soul winner, African fashion entrepreneur and life-purpose coach, a successful wife and mother. If she is not marketing her products and service, she is motivating people to give their life to Jesus Christ or praying for souls to be saved or healed. Her supernatural gift of prophecy, prayer and healing through the word of God and successful achievements in business through the application of the Lydia generation core values principles makes her valuable in the field of teaching God’s words.

She has attended the school of disciple and got trained in the school of personal development, life coaching, entrepreneurial school and humanistic Psychology.

She is married to Dr Taslim Alade. They had both pastored a Parish in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, named – House of Praise Church Rotterdam in the Netherlands together and led the international connect group of City life Church Rotterdam together.

Dr Taslim Alade

Dr Taslim Alade is a GIS/Data  analyst and an urban Infrastructure expert.

He worked with the National Space Research and Development Agency, Nigeria, as a space applications scientist and remote sensing expert. He also lectures on GIS and transport governance at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has the passion to win souls to Christ and teach the word of God. He also likes to , write poems and play the guitar to worship God.

Two out of his favorite topics are resilience through faith, and importance of the presence and companionship of the Holy-Spirit.

Myra Colis

Myra Colis

Myra Colis is the founding chairperson of Mabika foundation in the Netherlands and also serves as Board Secretary of Stichting Bayanihan (The Philippine Women’s Centre in the Netherlands). She advocates for women empowerment, indigenous people’s rights, and social justice. She also believes in the power of data, information, knowledge, learning, and education to advance these advocacies, make better decisions, and achieve desired results. Encouraged by her true self, she is currently studying law at the VU University Amsterdam to further strengthen her position as one of God’s many ambassadors of hope, strength and love to today’s fast-changing and highly digitalized world.


Is to create an empowerment platform that equips the individual and organization to become self-aware of intentional growth for self-actualization, mental well- being and financial independence, impacting humanity and advancing the kingdom of God on earth like Lydia of Thyatira.