Today many people are afraid to become a  Christian, especially the millennials, because they see the Church as a place where their freedom will be taken away or where a stipulated set of rules must be forcefully followed.

Even some have the mindset that it is a place where you have to put on a specific mood to belong, maybe you even  have doubts about the Christian faith as a source of nourishment, fulfilment, joyful living and source of absolute liberation from all sorts of captivities and enslavement. But to your shock, I want to let you know that Christianity is where you can unleash your inner greatness and abundance in life, if only you are willing to do the work and follow the principles.  

Join us to experience  real freedom through knowledge and real life experience of God’s presence. Through our life enrichment course, as Jesus rightly said,

“And you shall know the truth, and

the truth shall make you free.”

–  John 8:32.

Unveiling the Mystery of God's Kingdom

In these 12 modules of life enrichment courses, you will learn about the basics of Christianity.

Module 1

Who is God? Unveiling the mystery of the Godhead.

Module 2

Who is Jesus? What is a new born or born again? 

Module 3

What are spiritual gifts? Who is the Holy Spirit, the language and the fruits.

Module 4

The efficacy of prayer and how to pray to receive answers.

Module 5

Prophetic visioning

Module 6

Destiny  relationships

Module 7

Foundational warfare and pattern, (DNA Battle) 

Module 8

Dream code

Module 9

The Biblical keys to financial prosperity and intimacy with God  

Module 10

Consciousness, meditation and mindfulness.

Module 11

Kingdom advancement strategies

Module 12

The mindset of success


By being equipped with the above knowledge and the recommended practices, you will be able to have a deep understanding of your holistic Christian principles, and have a sustainable Christian life. 

You will understand the different dimensions of Christianity and the power you can access through it. You will also find out about your potential and the height you can attain in life and destiny. As a result of which you will be convinced of who you are, where you are and where you are heading to in order to live a joyful and a fulfilled life.

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