Visualise how colourful your life would be if – you accept the fact that God designed you to be a successful entrepreneur. What would be your quick response and solution? 

Assuming, everything you started PROSPERED and became lucrative:

Would you move swiftly knowing too much analysis ends in paralysis?

 Or would you move forward with conviction knowing that God had your back and you couldn’t fail?

The truth of the matter is that you matter to this generation and you are part of God’s agenda to create the wealth that will advance the kingdom of God on Earth. 

In this high impact Kingdom entrepreneur course of 10 modules  you will learn how to become an Entrepreneur and even start your own business. 

Module 1

Kingdom entrepreneur mindset

Module 2

Turning your talents into income

Module 3

Innovation in your business

Module 4

Entrepreneurial creativity

Module 5

Products,  Marketing, Customer service

Module 6

Kingdom Branding

Module 7

Kingdom Website Strategy

Module 8

Copywriting secret

Module 9

Kingdom venture capital strategy

Module 10

Digital products plan

Module 11

Kingdom advancement strategies

Module 12

The mindset of success


After this program, your mindset about yourself will change.
You will be able to operate in your creativity and become conscious of your ability to create a new value, wisdom and service.
You will determine your own pace and become the director of your own life. You will also be able to identify yourself as a kingdom Entrepreneur and an Ambassador of Excellent product and service.
A Co- creator with the king of the universe and reap great rewards as an entrepreneur.

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