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    Center for transformation, clarity, vision and fulfillment

    Transformational Events and Workshops

    We believe the power of transformation is in engaging the proven biblical principles and successful thoughts in leaders’ timeless habits, which if adopted will result in living abundant and joyful life principles.

    Kingdom Entrepreneurs Training

    One of our major pillars is entrepreneurial, as we believe in financial independence. 

    Life Enrichment Training

    We equip individuals with enlightening courses that lead to purpose fulfillment and draw the heart closer to spiritual realities and practices.


     Personal Development and Equipping

    The key to advancement and fulfillment in life is self-actualization. We take you through the life pathway from self- discovery to charting your course and path in life.


    Prophetic Life Purpose Coaching

    We engage in prophetic life coaching that helps the person to identify their core values which enables them to make wiser choices and ultimately create a more effective, balanced and fulfilling life. 

    Spiritual Warfare Prayers For Entrepreneurs

    We organize special seminars and spiritual warfare prayer to help entrepreneurs get equipped, prepared and victorious in their business management and advancement.


    About Us

    Lydia Generation Academy is a training and equipping platform that helps to raise the individual and organizations consciousness and awareness to the possibilities that lie in their potential to fulfill their purpose. This is done with proven biblical and experiential success stories that can be adopted to achieve a successful and joyful living, with the mission to promote well-being, purpose-driven life and financial independence.


    I am encouraged to grow in faith, love and in the word of God through the exemplary life of the facilitator.
    Deborah Hietbrink
    Devoted, kind and humble. Fervent in spirit, helping others and committed to 100% result of her endeavors.
    Lydia Kropff
    Prayer Leader city life church
    All my transactions both spiritual and business endeavors with the facilitator have been delivered excellently beyond my expectation. I recommend the academy to everyone that wants their expectation met and intends for a fruitful result.
    Sarah Pani
    Chief Geologist, Ministry of mines and steel development

    Our mission is to help individuals get saved, transformed, and be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and belief necessary for mental-wellbeing, purpose driven life and financial independence.